Air and Me: Pedagogical, Interactive, Playful, Free.

An educational program

Air and Me educational Program

Air and Me is composed of a collection of teaching tools about air pollution: slides, quizzes, guides, workbooks, videos, coloring sheets and more.

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Some testimonials

Doctors, teachers, students …

Lung and Allergy specialist, Professor at University of Aix-Mars

«We have worked on simplifying
complex notions, such as the difference
between the immediate effects and the
chronic effects

of pollution on our health – not
forgetting the dramatic effects of
cigarettes. One of my main concerns is the growing number

of people with asthma and allergies, and it is for this reason that I am so enthusiastic about being involved in this project.»


«I really love being a part of this humanitarian project, as we really are building something together. A teaching method
has been born out of this linking together of those involved, bringing together the creativity of the children, the experience
of the teachers and facilitators and the expertise of the scientific committee.»


«I like it when the teacher asks questions about the slide show and we have to think of what
the answers might be.

I like Air and Me as you
learn lots of things while also having fun.»

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